Sweet & Salty Christmas Crunch

Well it’s Christmas Eve! Are ya ready? Did you make your list and check it twice? Hang your stockings by the chimney with care and all that? Or are you still wrapping gifts or maybe even shopping? Eeeek I hope not! :-)

My crazies don’t know it (yet) but Santa brought them quite a few new movies this year. They all love movies and there is nothing I love better then curling up with them to watch one, even if they are all G-rated and involve talking animals for the most part. In fact it’s our Friday night ritual! So tomorrow after they open their gifts and devour the best cinnamon rolls in the universe, I plan to spend the rest of the day curled up with them in front of the TV. And yes I’ll be in comfy yoga pants with my hair in a sock bun. Hey, don’t judge me…it’s Christmas!

IMG_8804You can’t watch a movie without snacks to munch on so I made this popcorn today. A real Christmas miracle would be if it lasts until tomorrow. It’s nothing on the edge of a culinary revolution or anything, but it’ll satisfy your craving for sweet and salty and best of all, it’s simple to make. Amen.

DSC_1012To make this you’ll need some popcorn, white chocolate chips, candy cane bits, whole almonds, and pretzel sticks. For the sake of convenience (and because they were the only ones I could find) I went with almonds that were already toasted and seasoned. If your almonds are not you can toast them in dry saut√© pan over medium heat.

DSC_1020Pop some popcorn. You can use the microwave kind (I’d recommend plain with no salt or butter), or make your own in a brown bag in the microwave like I showed you HERE. Or, of course, you can pop it on the stove or in your air popper. Whichever method you choose, make five cups of popped popcorn.

DSC_1022Melt your white chocolate. The directions on mine said to melt for 1 – 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave on 50% power. White chocolate is more prone to burn, seize, or separate on you then the cocoa variety so read the directions on your package and follow them carefully.

DSC_1036Drizzle the white chocolate on your popcorn. Make sure you lick the bowl. Haven’t you heard? Calories don’t count on Christmas! :-)

DSC_1044Now mix it all together and spread it out on a sheet pan lined with silpat or wax paper.

DSC_1054Sprinkle it with the candy cane bits. This was six whole peppermint candy canes that I unwrapped, put in a plastic bag, and let the crazies smash to bits with a rolling pin. Now place this in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or until it’s hard.

DSC_1074After 10-15 minutes (or whenever the chocolate is set) remove the popcorn from the refrigerator. Break it up into chunks and place it in a big bowl. Add your almonds and the pretzels. Toss.

DSC_1109Grab your favorite person (or people), some warm snuggly blankets, a few good movies, and have a Merry Christmas!

Sweet & Salty Christmas Crunch
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 5 Cups Plain Popped Popcorn
  • 2 Cups White Chocolate Chips
  • 6 Peppermint Candy Canes, chopped or broken into small pieces
  • ½ Cup Whole Almonds
  • 1 Cup Mini Pretzel Sticks
  1. Melt chocolate according to directions on package.
  2. Drizzle chocolate over popcorn. Mix to coat popcorn with chocolate.
  3. Spread popcorn out on a baking sheet lined with silpat or wax paper. Sprinkle with chopped candy cane pieces.
  4. Place in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes, or until chocolate is set.
  5. Break popcorn apart into pieces into a large bowl. Toss with almonds and pretzels.



  1. Holy cow. I was about to go to bed and now I’m hungry. I guess that’s your Christmas gift to me. :) Yet another amazing creation!

  2. What a fun, festive and delicious treat!! Love the sweet/salty combo with the white chocolate!! Happy holidays!

  3. hmmm…i like it this cake

  4. Looks delicious! I love sweet-salty snacks. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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